1INCH is simultaneously listed on many major exchanges

After being on Mooniswap, the 1INCH token was quickly announced by major exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, and Poloniex.

The most significant should be Binance, at 12:00 noon on December 25. The supported trading pairs are 1INCH / BTC and 1INCH / USDT. Users can fund the exchange to prepare for the transaction after Binance completes the maintenance.

Previously, OKEx exchange allowed to deposit 1INCH at 7:00 am. Once the amount is loaded up to the standard, OKEx will begin to support the transaction. Trading pairs supported by OKEx include: 1INCH / USDT, 1INCH / BTC, 1INCH / ETH.

Similar to OKEx is Huobi. This exchange also allowed 1INCH to be loaded today 25/12. However, the trading pair will be opened once the deposit is met. The supported trading pairs are similar to OKEx with BTC, ETH and USDT.

Especially on Huobi there is also a remarkable bonus program. Users who deposit 1INCH from an address outside of Huobi will share a pool of rewards worth 20,000 USDT.

In addition, there is also a famous exchange that also supports listing is Poloniex.

We will soon update you to read the list of exchanges listed in 1INCH in the near future.

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