Bitcoin’s market cap is larger than JPMorgan, Facebook, Visa, and Tesla

Bitcoin is increasingly becoming a good choice for investment. According to an analysis done by a team belonging to Ecoinmetrics. They point out that Bitcoin’s market cap has already exceeded VISA, JPMorgan, Facebook, and Tesla.

Additionally, Bitcoin’s market cap is equal to 59% of Amazon’s, 43% of Apple’s, 35% of gold in the financial system, and 8% of the physical gold market.

The team at Ecoinmetrics shared their observations on Twitter and through the following informational chart comparing Bitcoin’s market cap, along with major companies and gold.

As Bitcoin continues to attract attention, the author of ‘Rich Father, Poor Father’, Robert Kiyosaki, once again urged retail investors to buy Bitcoin, Gold and Silver, as a hedge against money printing habits. of the US Federal Reserve (Fed).

According to Mr. Kiyosaki, the US government has become impoverished but the stock market continues to climb higher, indicating an imminent collapse.

“US Total Debt $ 28 T (Trillions-Trillions). Total US government spending is $ 8 T. U.S. government revenue is $ 3.5 T. The U.S. government shorts $ 4.5 T. Biden spends $ 1.9 T on stimulus prefer. The US defaulted but the stock market rose higher. Weak economy. Very weak. Buy gold, silver and Bitcoin.”

Inflation is imminent, Bitcoin will save you – Tyler Winklevoss

Kiyosaki’s comments on the state of the US economy also coincided with Tyler Winklevoss’s warning. He argues that the US economy is at the peak of inflation and that Bitcoin is the best hedge against it. Winklevoss commented on an article quoting Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell of CNN, predicting consumer prices will rise this summer.

“Daddy says inflation is coming. #Bitcoin will rescue you. Few people understand this. “

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