CEX.IO Launches Crypto Savings Account Service With up to 20% APY

CEX.IO, a leading international cryptocurrency exchange, launches its Savings service as the newest solution in the fast-growing Earn ecosystem. Available in 171 countries, CEX.IO Savings offers users up to 20% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on 19 different digital assets with the flexibility to move funds in and out of their accounts without any restrictions.

Similarly to savings accounts in the traditional finance industry, CEX.IO Savings offers users a way to generate a passive return on the digital assets they hold. However, unlike a savings account, the international exchange’s Savings product allows customers to add capital or withdraw their funds at any time without fees, expiration dates, or the requirement to lock their holdings for extended periods.

Currently, CEX.IO Savings users can earn interest between 2% and 20% APY on 19 different cryptocurrencies, including multiple stablecoins and DeFi tokens. However, the company is soon expanding its list of supported digital assets.

Users can earn interest in their cryptocurrencies in two ways within CEX.IO Savings. While Flexible Savings provides customers access to their funds any time they need, Locked Savings is for those who are planning to hold their digital assets for a longer time period. While users have to lock their assets until the expiration date, they can utilize this savings type to achieve higher returns with fixed interest rates. On the other hand, the APY for Flexible Savings is fixed on a daily basis. It is reviewed every 24 hours and will respond to the market conditions based on supply and demand.

CEX.IO launched its Savings service as part of the greater Earn ecosystem, which is centered around crypto users seeking to generate an extra income on their digital asset holdings. As the first solution in the Earn suite, CEX.IO launched Staking in 2020, a service that allows customers to earn rewards for locking up their tokens and maintaining the blockchain networks of cryptocurrency projects utilizing the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. One of the USPs of CEX.IO Staking is that CEX.IO takes on all the complexities of staking node management and technical integrations.

This allows CEX.IO Staking to guarantee fast capital withdrawals for our users to the extent that users can even place limit orders on our exchange with the assets they staked. This unique feature allows our users to keep generating a passive return on their staked asset while waiting for the price to increase up to the level when they would like to exit from their position.

Founded in 2013, CEX.IO is an international cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of digital asset solutions to over 4 million customers. With a fast-growing ecosystem of innovative products, the London-based company serves all participants of the cryptocurrency market – from retail traders to institutional investors. With a robust, enterprise-grade service, CEX.IO’s multi-functional digital asset solutions feature cutting-edge security while being regulated in multiple jurisdictions, including the United States, Gibraltar, and Cyprus.

In July 2020 and February 2021, CryptoCompare ranked CEX.IO among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide in its Exchange Benchmark Rating. In both reports, the London-based company secured an A grade as well as the third spot in terms of security.

“The way the crypto market was developing in 2020 and 2021 provided digital asset holders a good deal of new options to earn. Staking, lending, and yield farming – to name a few. During the times we have spent in the DeFi sector, we noticed a demand among our users to earn passive income while holding crypto assets. For that reason, we decided to launch CEX.IO Earn, a new service within CEX.IO ecosystem allowing crypto owners to profit by contributing to the blockchain industry. After rolling out Staking and seeing the hugely positive market response, we are now launching Savings. With our new product, customers can earn interest after the coins they contributed on the platform while having the flexibility to withdraw their funds or increase their holdings to achieve better returns at any time,” Konstantin Anissimov, Executive Director at CEX.IO, stated.

Raze Network Announces Partnership with UNION

Today, we are excited to let you know Raze Network partners with UNION, a technology platform that combines bundled protection and a liquid secondary market with a multi-token model.

Under the UNION system, DeFi participants are able to manage their multi-layer risks across smart contracts and protocols in one scalable system. UNION also aims to decrease the entry barriers for retail users and lays the foundation for institutional investors.

Privacy and protection, while often used together as a term, require the cooperation of different players to address the nuanced layers. For us, there are just too many synergies between UNION and Raze Network to pass up this chance to team up. UNION is known for its full-stack DeFi protection, open access for all, and creating peace of mind for DeFi users, all of which coincide with what we believe.

UNION’s approach is a natural fit for protecting value locked in Raze vaults and sent in payment channels. Beyond protection, we will explore extending our Secret DeFi Bridge to support their collateral optimization protection (C-OP) and lending platform (ULend) so DeFi participants can optimize their capital in a private fashion.

With UNION, we can help each other explore different ways of offering protection to users, be it in trading or via information and data exchange.

Raze Network, as a privacy protocol aiming to protect the user identity and confidentiality for the entire DeFi stack of the Polkadot ecosystem, can work to help UNION and UNION users acting as second-layer protection.

Additionally, with the Efficient Σ-Bullets algorithm, a self-developed algorithm based on the Σ-Bullets encryption proof mechanism of the open-source project Zether, we can help UNION encrypt user account balances and transactions, and eventually propel us toward finance sovereignty.

“We’re excited to bring our work at the UNION Protocol Foundation to the Raze Network. Privacy preservation is a necessary tool for ensuring self-sovereign data rights and maintaining transaction confidentiality in a complicated, composable DeFi environment. Privacy rights and data control architectures have had a foundational role in my own interests in distributed ledger technology; Raze has developed a leading-edge approach that is set for success. We’re looking forward to working with the Raze team and engaging their input as we address privacy considerations in our own work, going forward,”

said Michael Beck, UNION’s Project Lead.


UNION is a technology platform that combines bundled protection and a liquid secondary market with a multi-token model. DeFi participants manage their multi-layer risks across smart contracts and protocols in one scalable system. UNION decreases the entry barriers for retail users and lays the foundation for institutional investors. UNION’s full-stack DeFi protection is inclusive, composable, and brings battle-tested capital and pricing models from TradFi to the DeFi ecosystem.

About Raze Network

Raze Network is a Substrate-based cross-chain privacy protocol for the Polkadot ecosystem. It is built as a native privacy layer that can provide end-to-end anonymity for the entire DeFi stack. The Raze Network applies zkSNARKs to the Zether framework to build a second-layer decentralized anonymous module. It will then be imported as a substrate-based smart contract. The objective of Raze Network is to enable cross-chain privacy-preserving payment and trading systems while protecting the transparency of your assets and behaviors from surveillance.

REDBOX POC is officially available on the Dapp.com platform

REDBOX POC is now supported by the Dapp.com platform – the site that analyzes and provides the largest Dapp projects in the world. REDBOX POC will be analyzed and evaluated based on user data, transaction volume, etc., allowing users to discover, analyze and use Dapp easily.

Dapp.com’s mission

Founded in 2018, to date Dapp has updated more than 3000 Dapp projects running on the platforms of Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Steem, IOST and TomoChain. To become the most prestigious platform to meet the needs of analysis, launching and marketing for Dapp projects.

Dapp.com’s mission is to enhance the application of blockchain technology in general and decentralized application platform in particular to life, by helping dog users discover and experience thousands of applications that have been Ranking on the system, from social networks, games to tools.

The partnership between REDBOX POC and Dapp.com will be a leap in the development of REDBOX POC. Thanks to accurate evaluation tools from the Dapp.com system, along with a large community. Dapp.com will help investors to have the most objective assessment of the project’s potential.

The Potential of the REDBOX POC

The world of technology has changed over the past decade, and so has blockchain technology. While Proof of Work (POW) increasingly revealed many drawbacks, more and more advanced consensus algorithms emerged and flourished in the blockchain sector. One of the latest algorithms is mentioned as a key to the absolute fairness of the project. It is the Proof of Contribute (POC) consensus protocol.

The POC is a protocol that determines the portion of the regular share in the proportion of the participant’s contribution. This ratio is confirmed based on evidence of contributions from users, be it the device, possibly the amount of hard drive storage – allowing participating devices to use the space on their hard drive. to mine cryptocurrencies.

With this mechanism, POC will overcome the disadvantages of POW and still bring the same efficiency, less power consumption, and more environmental friendliness. From there, opening up the opportunity to enter this market for everyone, instead of focusing on costly miners like POW.

Taking advantage of the advantages of Proof of Contribute, REDBOX POC creates a decentralized, transparent cash flow project. The fairness is shown through the assessment of the investor’s dedication to the project. Thanks to using POC algorithm to evaluate and smart contract for storage. No one can intervene, not even the founders of the system, to change the data. Your contribution level will be assessed in the most objective and accurate way. The Fund will also be transparent and you can monitor and control the funds you and others have contributed to the Fund.

Not only being transparent, REDBOX POC is also highly appreciated by Dapp.com thanks to the increasing potential of the RBD token. Although it has only been released for a few months, what RBD token has done has made the cryptocurrency market go from surprise to surprise when continuously being listed on the two largest international exchanges, including the exchange. Coinsbit is the Top 5 floor assessed by Coinmarketcap. RBD token is also the main means of payment of financial ecosystems such as IBet deposit gate, Forex / Coin trading platform, inter-exchange tool trade,…. RBD tokens are gradually proving to be a strong development of themselves as the price has increased 160% compared to the starting price in just a few months of launch.

Realizing the tremendous growth potential of RBD token, REDBOX POC created RBD token application ecosystems to create outstanding ecosystems:

  • Money Game Community: provides 50 million RBD tokens for research and development of the game community to create more attractive sources of profit for investors.
  • Payment: In the future, RBD token is seen as a means of payment like fiat money. Paying with RBD tokens, you can buy products at a discount of 10% – 20% from the market price.
  • Online auction system: You can buy high-end products from cars to technology products such as mobile phones at only 50% of the market price.


REDBOX POC has been growing extremely rapidly and the partnership with Dapp.com is the first stepping stone to the upcoming success. In 2020, RBD token will continue to list on 2 international exchanges in the top 20 Coinmarketcap, stimulating the need to own RBD tokens in the market.

CEO of REDBOX POC shared: “The cooperation with Dapp.com will help investors better understand REDBOX POC. We believe that this project in the future will bring a great investment trend and safety for the crypto community. You can evaluate and find out the exact information of us through data from Dapp.com and choose to invest immediately. “

The hedge fund management module Beta is now live on PrimeXBT

The moment so many Covesting users have been waiting for is finally here: Beta The investment fund management module is now officially available on the PrimeXBT trading platform.

Last year, PrimeXBT announced a B2B partnership with the Covesting team, who has been developing the project since the company’s inception. The Fund Management Module beta is now ready for first-time users.

What investment fund management module offers to the trading community

This innovative new tool is unlike anything else found in the crypto market and allows highly experienced traders to make money for newbie investors.

The end result is that there are two types of traders that profit together, in a synergistic and meaningful way.

Imagine being able to invest in the trades of a legendary professional trader like Peter Brandt, and be able to profit from the positions and trades he does based on his experience in technical analysis and its transaction over 40 years.

Inexperienced traders looking to utilize and capitalize on the knowledge and experience of more veteran traders can simply invest in one of the top trader’s hedge funds and sit back to see the benefits. The profit increases in the strategy of the more experienced traders.

Fund managers make a portion of the profits of any income generated and investors leave their money and other traders to work for them. The better the public performance rankings of each fund, and the more the trader markets the fund to his or her followers, the overall earnings may increase for all stakeholders.

Covesting has created a unique peer-to-peer environment, designed to allow any trader to start his or her career as a fund manager. However, since all traders of different levels of experience will be allowed to create a margin trading related fund, these investments carry additional risks. All investors are recommended to conduct an extensive analysis before investing in any fund on the Hedge Fund Management Module by looking at performance in the Rating section.

It is important to understand that even the most successful traders cannot guarantee a sure return in the future, so diversifying investments across multiple funds is often the most effective strategy and there is no. risk.

Covesting and PrimeXBT will enable investment functionality later this year.

Report bugs and set an early name for your fund

PrimeXBT is rolling out the Investment Fund Management Module as a beta program to initiate a subset of users.

Their goal is to allow these early beta users to thoroughly test the platform to help discover and report any bugs on the platform, and possibly start early to generate funds.

Beta testers interested in helping shape and improving the platform through bug reporting can contact PrimeXBT via a 24/7 live support chat and report all bug details to see. review.

In addition to allowing users to try out the system early, the best part about the Hedge Fund Management Module beta phase is to allow fund managers to start early to fund creation, increase performance ratings and availability. ready for investors when the flood outlet is open at full launch.

Fund management module participating in other profitable tools on PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT and Covesting clients interested in registering for the Investment Fund Management Module beta, must first be registered users of the PrimeXBT platform.

Once registered, users can request early access to the Hedge Fund Management Module beta by entering their email address here.

Users with access to the beta program will be able to Create Funds, Manage Funds, view Public Ratings, and access Portfolio performance data. During the testing phase, no investments can be made to allow plenty of time to track performance unfolding so investors can make informed decisions about which funds to choose. .

The Fund Management Module beta is now available on PrimeXBT. Sign up for the hedge fund Management Module beta today and let us know in the comments what you think about the new tool!