M&G appoints new managers in the reform of equity management groups in the UK

Elina Symon has been appointed manager of the £511m M&G UK Income Distribution fund “in recognition of her significant contribution to the fund”.

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She joined M&G in 2011 as a graduate and has worked as a dedicated analyst in the UK equities team since 2014, before assuming the deputy manager position on Charifund in 2018 and the UK Income Distribution fund in 2019.

She takes on lead management responsibilities from incumbent manager Michael Stiasny, who will now deputise on the fund.

James Taylor has been appointed manager of the £278m M&G Smaller Companies fund, effective 1 July, “in recognition of his analytical abilities and contribution to stock selection in the small cap space”.

He joined the firm as a graduate in 2014 before becoming an embedded analyst with the income team in 2016. In 2018, he joined the UK equities team and became deputy manager of the M&G Dividend strategy in 2019.

He takes on the role from incumbent manager Garfield Kiff, who will co-deputise on the strategy alongside Hilary Aldridge.

There will be no changes to the aims, objectives or policies of either fund.

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Stiasny, head of UK equities at M&G Investments, said: “Elina and James have both demonstrated excellent investment ideas and stock selection skills despite a challenging backdrop for UK equity markets in recent years.

“It has provided us with the opportunity to promote two talented managers who will use their analytical expertise to the benefit our customers.”

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