REDBOX POC is officially available on the platform

REDBOX POC is now supported by the platform – the site that analyzes and provides the largest Dapp projects in the world. REDBOX POC will be analyzed and evaluated based on user data, transaction volume, etc., allowing users to discover, analyze and use Dapp easily.’s mission

Founded in 2018, to date Dapp has updated more than 3000 Dapp projects running on the platforms of Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Steem, IOST and TomoChain. To become the most prestigious platform to meet the needs of analysis, launching and marketing for Dapp projects.’s mission is to enhance the application of blockchain technology in general and decentralized application platform in particular to life, by helping dog users discover and experience thousands of applications that have been Ranking on the system, from social networks, games to tools.

The partnership between REDBOX POC and will be a leap in the development of REDBOX POC. Thanks to accurate evaluation tools from the system, along with a large community. will help investors to have the most objective assessment of the project’s potential.

The Potential of the REDBOX POC

The world of technology has changed over the past decade, and so has blockchain technology. While Proof of Work (POW) increasingly revealed many drawbacks, more and more advanced consensus algorithms emerged and flourished in the blockchain sector. One of the latest algorithms is mentioned as a key to the absolute fairness of the project. It is the Proof of Contribute (POC) consensus protocol.

The POC is a protocol that determines the portion of the regular share in the proportion of the participant’s contribution. This ratio is confirmed based on evidence of contributions from users, be it the device, possibly the amount of hard drive storage – allowing participating devices to use the space on their hard drive. to mine cryptocurrencies.

With this mechanism, POC will overcome the disadvantages of POW and still bring the same efficiency, less power consumption, and more environmental friendliness. From there, opening up the opportunity to enter this market for everyone, instead of focusing on costly miners like POW.

Taking advantage of the advantages of Proof of Contribute, REDBOX POC creates a decentralized, transparent cash flow project. The fairness is shown through the assessment of the investor’s dedication to the project. Thanks to using POC algorithm to evaluate and smart contract for storage. No one can intervene, not even the founders of the system, to change the data. Your contribution level will be assessed in the most objective and accurate way. The Fund will also be transparent and you can monitor and control the funds you and others have contributed to the Fund.

Not only being transparent, REDBOX POC is also highly appreciated by thanks to the increasing potential of the RBD token. Although it has only been released for a few months, what RBD token has done has made the cryptocurrency market go from surprise to surprise when continuously being listed on the two largest international exchanges, including the exchange. Coinsbit is the Top 5 floor assessed by Coinmarketcap. RBD token is also the main means of payment of financial ecosystems such as IBet deposit gate, Forex / Coin trading platform, inter-exchange tool trade,…. RBD tokens are gradually proving to be a strong development of themselves as the price has increased 160% compared to the starting price in just a few months of launch.

Realizing the tremendous growth potential of RBD token, REDBOX POC created RBD token application ecosystems to create outstanding ecosystems:

  • Money Game Community: provides 50 million RBD tokens for research and development of the game community to create more attractive sources of profit for investors.
  • Payment: In the future, RBD token is seen as a means of payment like fiat money. Paying with RBD tokens, you can buy products at a discount of 10% – 20% from the market price.
  • Online auction system: You can buy high-end products from cars to technology products such as mobile phones at only 50% of the market price.


REDBOX POC has been growing extremely rapidly and the partnership with is the first stepping stone to the upcoming success. In 2020, RBD token will continue to list on 2 international exchanges in the top 20 Coinmarketcap, stimulating the need to own RBD tokens in the market.

CEO of REDBOX POC shared: “The cooperation with will help investors better understand REDBOX POC. We believe that this project in the future will bring a great investment trend and safety for the crypto community. You can evaluate and find out the exact information of us through data from and choose to invest immediately. “

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