41% of Surveyed Crypto Investors are Newbies
41% of Surveyed Crypto Investors are Newbies 101
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As many as 41.4% of cryptocurrency investors are crypto newbies, and 60% of them declare they have invested between USD 2,500 and USD 5,000 in crypto, according to the results of a recent survey by alternative investment firm Invictus Capital.

“Today’s investor resembles a 35-year-old German engineer named Günther. He derives his crypto investing information from YouTube, because he values learning how to generate high returns on his investment more than the idealism of cutting out the middleman,” the company said in the survey’s summary.

They are referring to the finding that the country with the highest percentage of surveyed alternative investors was Germany, at 14.1%, followed by the US and Spain, with 7.7% and 6.8%, respectively. The UK and Turkey were ranked fourth, both at 4.8%.

Furthermore, the survey indicates crypto investing is dominated by those aged 31-45, with 41.8%, while respondents aged 25 and below represent 25.1% of the total. Investors aged 25 to 30 hold a 22.9% share, while those aged 45 and above represent only 10.2% of the total.

The survey collected answers from some 3,473 respondents spread across a total of 60 countries. Ofir Sever, a PR spokesperson for Invictus Capital, told Cryptonews.com that the survey’s focus was to determine the modern investor profile, media consumption habits, crypto investing sources, as well as investing habits. The survey was carried out online last February and March, and it targeted investors.

Data was sourced from respondents with access to high-speed Internet, with a significant share of responses from the European Union’s member states and Asian countries, according to the spokesperson. Mobile users provided 94% of the responses, with desktop and tablet users generating a further 5.5% and 0.5%, respectively.

The average sum invested in crypto is reported to be USD 2,500 – USD 5,000, with 60% of those surveyed marking this option. 40% also reported investing USD 100 – USD 2,500, while more than 30% of the respondents have also made investments under USD 100.

With regards to the respondents’ professional profiles, engineers lead the way, at 12.5%, followed by tradesmen and lawyers, both at 9.6%, and finance professionals with 8.6%. Among the listed professions, IT is at the bottom of the list, with 1.6%.

The survey’s summary further stated that:

  • 68% said high returns remain a motivation;
  • 54% see crypto investing as a method to future proof their money;
  • 25% invest to mitigate dealing with middle men;
  • 50% noted high fees on exchanges, quality, and volume on exchanges as the biggest challenges they faced.

And speaking of exchanges, 69% of surveyed investors listed Binance as their exchange of choice, followed by Coinbase with 42.6%, and Kraken with 13%.

74% of the surveyed individuals chose YouTube as their preferred social channel.

Meanwhile, almost 40% percent of respondents said that they invest on a weekly basis, 34.3% said they invest monthly, and 7.7% said they invest once a year, Invictus Capital concluded.


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Reviews Atani – Trade from the comfort of your desktop

The cryptocurrency world is exciting, and there are a plethora of crypto exchanges out there, which makes our task of crypto management tougher. This is where a trading terminal that connects with multiple exchanges comes as a time savior.

Today, you will learn about Atani which is one popular desktop based trading terminal that anyone can use it for free.

What is Atani:

Atani is a trading app that lets you trade on multiple crypto exchanges (22+) from a single app. You can trade like a pro with advanced orders: Stop Loss, Take Profit, OCO, and more. Atani is fully non-custodial, and they don’t have access to your funds or API key. The app connects with a crypto exchange using the API key. In the further section of this review, I have shared how to use the Atani app.

ATANI was founded between London, Madrid and Barcelona in 2019 by Paul and Haydée Barroso to address the frictions and inefficiencies associated with navigating the crypto ecosystem. Paul and Haydée are not only siblings, but also early investors in crypto.

They got into Bitcoin in 2013 and have been actively involved in the ecosystem ever since. Over the years, they have experienced the whole roller-coaster of emotions of the crypto market and have suffered first-hand the growing pains and frustrations that go hand in hand with managing crypto, trading on multiple exchanges, using different crypto-related services, interacting with decentralized protocols, or dealing with taxes.

They could not understand why it was so complicated to invest in crypto, and the lack of better alternatives drove them to build their own solution. That first platform was the genesis of ATANI, and now they are on a mission to deliver the best crypto experience ever and share it with the world.

Features of Atani:

Before we look into the walkthrough of Atani, let’s have a look at some benefits and features of Atani.

  • Desktop app: Atani is available for all popular desktop operating system, and they do have watch only mobile app as well.
  • Trading Terminal: You can trade on over 20+ exchanges using Atani app.
  • Real-time Price Alert: You can set price alerts to get notified via push notifications, SMS, email or call. This is a golden nugget for serious traders.
  • Non Custodial: The platform is non-custodial, and API keys are encrypted and stored locally on your device leveraging military-grade encryption (AES-256). In the unlikely event that Atani gets hacked, attackers would not be able to access your funds.
  • Tax reporting: Atani automatically analyzes the history of spot trades at connected exchanges and generates an audited tax report that can be downloaded in just one click.
  • Free: At the time of writing this review, Atani is completely free to use. In the future, they plan to introduce a freemium model (ex: Spotify).

How to start using Atani?

Getting started with Atani is simple, and you need to download their app from the downloads page.

Once you have installed the Atani app, create an account and you will be greeted with this screen. You can connect with your existing exchange or simply add those whose market data you want to see.

After selecting the exchange, click on next. At this stage, you can either connect with your exchange using an API key or you can do that later.

If you are new to API keys; you should check out this video to understand how to create an API key on Binance exchange. The process is more or less the same for other exchanges:

Once you have generated an API key, simply add the API key for the specific exchange in the settings, and you should be able to use the trading feature.

You can always connect your exchanges later on by going to the exchanges tab. This is ideal for curious users who want to check out the terminal of Atani before connecting with their exchange.

Next is to select the tax report’s settings, where you need to select your country of tax residency, and it will fetch all the past transactions to generate the tax report.

Click on next, and you will access the Atani trading terminal. Now, before you take your first trade, I recommend you to go to settings > Security > Backup Device sync and create a backup of the code.

You can use your backup code to use ATANI on multiple devices (sync your accounts) and to recover your account if you can’t access Atani (broken or lost computer, reboot…). It allows you to make a device sync.

Note: You can always toggle between Dark theme and light theme from settings.

Interface of Atani:

Atani interface is easy to get started for a beginner and a pro user.

On the left side, you could see the currency pairs, and you can mark them favorite to see your favorite pair under the favorite tab. The chart is powered by our favorite TradingView, so now you have one less website to navigate when using Atani.

The portfolio tab is where you can see your past trades and all open trades. Here you will also be able to generate tax reports. Though in my limited experience of Atani, I believe the portfolio tab could be improved, and closed/open trades should get a separate tab altogether. By clicking on exchanges, you can connect with any of your favorite exchanges for trading or just to see the chart.

Now on the right side, you will have quick access to your portfolio. You can see a consolidated portfolio or you can select an individual exchange to see the portfolio on that.

Below that you have the option to take a trade. There are various advanced order types are available, which would make your trades more profitable.

Here you will also be able to see your open trades, and you can make quick changes according to changing conditions.

Overall, Atani would help you save time between switching from one exchange to another for taking trades and help you bring everything within one app. Especially for those who are looking to trade from their desktop, Atani is a splendid solution.